Teacher Training
Teacher training is available upon request. Topics may address the specific needs of an individual, (e.g., determination of reasonable accommodations, or putting IEP objectives into practice) or they may involve individual/group training in a particular area of interest. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-sensory Reading Remediation
  • Learning Specialist Training
  • Multi-sensory Teaching Strategies
  • Teaching Students Optimal Study Strategies

School Workshops and Brainstorming Sessions
Workshops and brainstorming sessions are designed upon request. I have conducted many presentations, but selecting from a list of prior topics does not always meet all the needs and address all the goals.   Therefore, a quick discussion will help me to select and create materials to optimize the session(s).  Each workshop educates teachers and administrators about teaching options and also provides numerous handouts and teaching materials. Topics suggestions include but are not limited to:

  • Designing an Optimal Resource Room
  • Multi-sensory Reading Remediation
  • Multi-sensory Teaching Strategies
  • Meeting the Needs of Students with Diverse Learning Styles
  • Evaluating Students' Learning Styles and Selecting the Best Teaching Method and Assignment Options
  • Making Instruction Fun and Multi-sensory
  • Nurturing and Empowering  Creative Learners
  • How to Meet the Needs of the Bright Student Who is Struggling


Thank you so much for your insightful, practical and stimulating workshop today!  Both Middle School and Upper School faculties were engaged and inspired.  Both Erica and I are looking forward to more conversations with our colleagues about how they can tinker with their lessons and assessments to reach the diverse learners in our community.  I heard many folks thank you personally, and the positive reactions were evident all afternoon.  

- Jessica Nelson, The Calhoun School

Thank you for the excellent workshop you presented in New York.  The faculty and I went away with multiple new ideas for being more inclusive based on your multiple teaching framework.
-  Faculty from Pace University

Hi Erica!  Thank you so much for a great workshop.  The teachers loved it!  

- Saddle River Day School